Ashley Holland was born in England but grew up on remote farms in South Africa and Botswana. It was here he developed his love of wild and remote places. In 1988 Ash re-migrated to England for a couple years of “formal” education. In 1990 at the age of 14 Ash moved to Guyana, where Ashley’s mother set up a bush camp on the Mazaruni River

In 1994 Ash traveled to the Rupununi and fell in love with the land, people and lifestyle. He was based at Karanambu ranch for over 10 years, working as a guide and learned from the Amerindians about the land, the people and the incredible flora and fauna of the area. Ash is most at home out in the bush, especially on the rivers where he can fish, observe wildlife, explore new and remote places, and learn more from the locals about bush lore.

Ash attended (and is still enrolled) In the “University of the bush” and over the years has worked with and learned from both the Makushi Amerindians, and scientists, and keeps learning through his keen interest and sense of the natural world around him.

He has worked with experts such as birding legend Davis Finch, members from the Adelaide botanical gardens, and has worked as a guide for the Smithsonian institute on bird surveys. He has led filming trips for the BBC planet earth series, been a consultant at Iwokrama International Center and has worked for the Rapid Assessment Program with Conservation International in the Kanaku mountains as well as having leading more than 40 trips over the years for amateur birders, fishermen and nature enthusiasts. Presently Ashley is assisting a Herpetologist studying Black Caiman in the North Rupununi.

Ashley is now a well-respected guide who enjoys leading small groups into the remote and wild areas of the Rupununi.


Josy George

Josy George. Affectionally known as “Satan” for his wicked sense of humour. Josy is the camp joker, always smiling and happy, trying to make people laugh. Josy is an experienced guide and cook and has worked with Ashley on trips for over 5 years. Presentlly Josy is also assisting Peter Taylor on black Caiman and Herpetolgical research in the Rupununi.

Kevin Alvin

Kevin is known as Binocular eyes due to his uncanny spotting ability. Kevin has a wealth of knowledge about the trees and animals of his native forests. A real all rounder, Kevin has developed his knowledge and skills over the years turning himself into one of the top local guides in the region.