Louis Kerrs


“British wit and Guyanese guiding skills coming together are the recipe for a trip of a lifetime”

For the last 15 years I have been traveling to different parts of the world. Mostly in search of wildlife, “of the beaten track”-adventure and (increasingly) with wildlife photography on my mind. Visiting Guyana has been something special. As a result, I have visited it three times already, all three times to join Ashley on his Rewa river trips. Here you get plenty of wildlife, heading into the jungle and camping next to the river. The further one travels upstream, the more you are surrounded by remoteness and pristine jungle. Spotting animals while traveling the river by boat, passing by lush green forest, black boulders and the shimmering gold sandbanks… it’s magical.

As with any trip the difference between a good trip and a great trip lays in the hands of your guide. Without a great guide you miss out on all the good stuff pretty quickly. The “good stuff” naturally includes spotting the wildlife and enjoying all the beauty that nature has to offer. But the “good stuff” also includes being kept safe, your guide being knowledgeable and having great company around. All of this is in the right hands with Ashley. I have enjoyed our time on the river a lot!