Cato Elaneas


“Safety in remote places is always a priority and you are in the best of hands while traveling with Ashley”

I have been to Guyana with my partner four times in the last six years and each time did a trip with Ashley. Three of these trips have been month long expeditions to the Rewa the last of which was a month long canoeing trip paddling the Rewa headwaters. When it comes to running trips and expeditions to remote places in the rainforests of Guyana Ashley is without doubt one of the most experienced, able and knowledgeable guides you can hire. From years of spending time in the rivers and wilderness he and his crew have developed an unusually high skill set and have an amazingly keen eye for spotting wildlife and observing the natural world around them.

At the same time organizing and running expeditions short or long requires additional logistical skills but Ashley masters all of this. A trip into the rainforest with Ashley and his crew will be an experience of a lifetime, with a lot of exciting sightings and experiences along the way. A further highlight which we greatly enjoyed was sitting around the fire in the evenings with good food and something in your glass, listening to stories Ashley and his crew shared of their lives living in one of the wildest and most beautiful tropical regions on the planet.

Safety in remote places is always a priority or course and again you are in the best of hands while traveling with Ashley.

Next trip is already planned.