An Adventure Into the Mysterious Land of El Dorado

Rod and Line Magazine – February 2009

(EXCERPT) During my research for possible arapaima spots in South America, I came across some interesting websites mentioning a separate arapaima population in British Guyana. Further research revealed that the arapaima population there was critically endangered by 30 years of illegal fishing.

The arapaima is highly prized for its meat and is among the most sought-after fish species in South America. However, things have changed dramatically in recent years after local institutions such as the North Rupununi District Development Board and Iwokrama started the “Arapaima Management Project” some years ago with the aim to stop poaching, protecting the arapaim and reintroducing them with the help of the local Indian communities.

Looking for information, I got in touch with Ashley Holland who is regularly guiding scientists and fim crews into pristine Guyana jungle doing research on giant otters, black caimans, and harpy eagles. Read more using the links and thumbnails below!