A Passion For Adventure: Ashley Holland, Wildlife Enthusiast and Guide

Kaieteur News¬†–¬†Georgetown, Guyana

(EXCERPT) If you haven’t heard of Ashley Holland yet, chances are you’re not the adventures type who, like Ashley himself, confesses is “most at home” when in the bush, after growing up around wildlife and wild places in Safari camps run by his mother in Botswana on the edge of the Okavango Delta, and in Kruger Park when she was a wildlife guide.

With this love of the outdoors, it seems almost invevitable that the British-born Ashley, who left England for South Africa at 3 months old, would reach Guyana. At the age of 13, after several years of ‘formal education’ back in England, he arrived here with his mother, who started a small tourist bush camp in the Mazaruni River.

Ashley recalls, “After spending several years there I moved to the Rupununi where I worked at Karanambu Ranch for many years, guiding and generally helping out. In my friee time I would go up the rivers exploring, birding, and fishing for days or weeks at a time. Read more by clicking the button below.