Fishing in the Jungle Rivers Where Exotic Species Abound

Explore Guyana Magazine – 2014

(EXCERPT) For myself, old friends Nick Houlgate and John Petchey and, more recently, my brother Ian, February 2013 was not our first trip to the beautiful Country of Guyana.

In fact this was our third visit in as many years and the reason can be found in Guyana’s other title, ‘The Land of Many Waters.’ For we are four men from the UK who share a passion for sport fishing and we have travelled all over the World over many years in order to catch and photograph exotic fish species.

This may seem a strange past- time to most people whose usual experience of fish is something which turns up on a plate at meal times but to us the challenge of hunting and catching fish and to record and photograph them before returning them unharmed to the water, holds far more appeal.

In fact, in some of the countries we have visited in the past there is almost no understanding of the concept of sport fishing and letting fish go to live another day is not only bewildering to the local people but has even caused friction at times. This is an attitude that we can understand from a poor African or Indian Villager trying to feed his family and we always try to explain that our “tourist dollars” are what we offer instead, but sadly fish stocks are in decline all over the world and fish have few “friends” South America has always been a favourite destination for us but, not being great linguists, we have often experienced isolation and communication difficulties in most Latin American Countries. Click the buttons or thumbnails below to read more…